Twelve CORE Organic Cofund projects will start in spring 2018

The CORE Organic Cofund consortium has presented the twelve research projects selected for funding through the CORE Organic Cofund Call 2016. The CORE Organic Cofund consortium, including 26 partners from 19 countries, launched this call in December 2016, supporting European transnational organic research. The overall objective for this call is that the proposed research projects support sustainable growth of the organic sector in Europe and beyond.

Of the 50 pre-proposals submitted to the call, 33 were selected for the full-proposal phase. Eventuall 12 projects have been selected for funding. The total indicative budget is nearly EUR 14 000 000, including cofunding from the European Commission.

The selected project proposals are distributed across these following four thematic areas:
Topic 1: Ecological support in specialised and intensive plant production systems
Topic 2: Eco-efficient production and use of animal feed at local level
Topic 3: Appropriate and robust livestock systems: cattle, pigs, poultry
Topic 4: Organic food processing concepts and technologies for ensuring food quality, sustainability and consumer confidence

The projects will start from Spring 2018 on, and will run for three years.

More information about the twelve selected projects can be found on the CORE Organic Cofund website.

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