First statistics for ForestValue Call

The ForestValue Call for research, development and innovation in the forest-based sector has closed on 23 January 2018. In total 114 pre-proposals were submitted to this call which addresses the whole forest-based value chain in two areas: (A) Innovative sustainable management of multifunctional forests, and (B) Innovative industrial production and processing technologies, products, concepts and services. The great majority of the pre-proposals, about 70%, were assigned by applicants in the thematic research area B.

The majority of consortia consist of 3 to 12 partners, however also bigger consortia having up to 23 partners are present. On average 8 partners are involved in a project. Most coordinators are coming from Finland, followed by Sweden, Germany and Austria.

Germany, with 65 cooperations, has the highest number of participation in pre-proposals, closely followed by Sweden and Finland. Also partners from countries like Austria, Norway, France, Slovenia and Spain are involved in a significant number of pre-proposals. 17 Partners from 8 countries (Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Portugal and Russia) beyond the ForestValue consortium are involved in 15 pre-proposals.

Circa 38% of the applicants are representing universities and 28% are coming from research organisations. Industry, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies together, account to 30% of all consortium partners. The majority (70%) of the submitted proposals includes at least one industrial partner. 54 Pre-proposals include 1 to 4 industrial partners, and 17 pre-proposals include even 5 to 11 industrial partners.

Right now the pre-proposals are in the evaluation phase.

Figure 1: Number of participations in pre-proposals per country

Figure 2: Type of the participating research institutions

Boris Vashev, Carina Lemke, Franziska Nych

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