ERA HDHL call on nutrition & the epigenome launched

On February 6th, JPI HDHL has launched a call in the emerging field of nutrition and epigenetics. This call is the second non-cofunded action under ERA-HDHL and aims to support transnational, collaborative research projects that gain a better understanding of the diet- epigenome relationships and their effect on human health. Previous research has studied epigenetic changes in early life. However, the effects of diet on epigenetic regulation, gene expression in different tissues, and subsequent metabolic health and disease are still unclear.

Ten JPI HDHL countries participate in this call with a total budget of more than EUR 8 000 000. In general, joint research proposals may be submitted by applicants working in universities (or other higher education institutions), non-university public research institutes, hospitals and other health care settings. Participation of private parties and commercial companies is encouraged, in particular small and medium-size enterprises. However, the eligibility of these organisations and institutions are subject to the national/regional regulations of the individual funding organisations and may therefore vary.

Research proposals can be submitted until 12 April 2018.

More information, including the call text, can be found on the JPI HDHL website

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